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2014-9-4 Distributed PV Deal landing 15 measures renewed de

September 4, 2014, the National Energy Board issued "on the further implementation of distributed PV related policy notice" clearly the attitude of long-term government support for distributed PV, and open a "full-line" Plant enjoy benchmark for these challenges electricity, increase power generation quotas, allowing direct sale of electricity to users, providing preferential loans, monthly subsidies and a series of New Deal.
It is worth noting that the "Notice" also solves the problem of distributed photovoltaic custom extensions. Prescribed use of waste land, barren hills and slopes, agricultural greenhouses, beaches, ponds, lakes and construction of photovoltaic power plants in situ elimination on the ground or in the use of agricultural greenhouses and other facilities without electricity consumption to 35 kV and below voltage connection into the grid (Northeast Region 66 kV and below), not a single project more than 20,000 kilowatts capacity and the amount of power the main and branch change in radio zone consumptive photovoltaic power plant projects are included in the category of distributed photovoltaic power plants.
Distributed PV can be described as thousands of pet in one. In support of distributed photovoltaic NDRC Energy Bureau, the State Grid, Taxation and other departments have issued a number of regulations and documents, and the national macro-policy higher energy level, it is always in the distributed PV since 2012 tilt. And this policy can be said to have any previous full detailed than, exceeding market expectations, the market started swept distributed hinder many constraints, ignited the enthusiasm of distributed PV market development, however, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. Although precise data were not disclosed, but the available data to judge, shoulder distributed photovoltaic "PV Manufacturing save" the task cannot be completed in 2014 newly installed capacity target has no suspense. This is the industry's embarrassment, the embarrassment is also the policy drivers. In essence, the goal unrealistically high, which derived from a series of stimulus and is far ahead of the market's ability to digest, is the key "exclusive pet" distributed photovoltaic false starts.


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