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2015-1-23 The global PV market demand growth of 25% in 2015

Given the cost of solar power continued to fall, IHS expects 2015 global PV installed capacity increased by 16% to 25%, between 53-57 GW. From the geographical point of view, in 2015 the largest new energy market is still China, Japan and the United States. However, on the increase, China, the United States and India, among the top three.
Although the Chinese government has launched an ambitious plan DPV, but the possibility of IHS forecast for China to achieve this goal it is very low. But even so, the market has become increasingly clear rapid growth momentum, supportive policies and business models, to also play a role in fueling. The report predicts that by 2015 China DPV installed capacity of 4.7 GW, an increase of about 20 percentage points over 2014.
IHS expects, by 2015, Chile new PV installed capacity is expected to reach a milestone, "a GW", second only to South Africa. In addition to Chile, Jordan, the Philippines and Honduras and other emerging markets were the rapid development trend. However, Mexico, Brazil and Turkey there are still great uncertainty.
Assisted by the core PV market attractive prices, IHS expects global revenues in 2015 of a three-phase string inverter type more than $ 2.2 billion, accounting for one third of global photovoltaic inverter sales, shipments increase in volume exceeded 15 GW, up 31 Percent in 2014, including a surge in market share in China and Japan, the total volume of up to 7.6 Kyrgyzstan.


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