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2014-9-16 Weilide PV cable into the Middle East market

Weilide Wei Optoelectronics Technology Co. and the Middle East has reached export products business cooperation agreement, the two companies play their own advantages, through the industrial chain collaboration, technology and markets docking closely together to explore the international market, not long ago, the first by the Granville Rucker Production of PV cables in Middle East region.
Recently, Wuxi Weilide Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. production, certified by TUV 500KM photovoltaic cable, shipment export formalities have been completed, the batch of products to be sold to the Middle East market, which marks the official Weilide PV line into the Middle East market.
Weilide is a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic cables private enterprise, since its inception has been the quality of its products and the high-end position in the industry, the year 2014 was established, it was put into operation, the current through international certification. Currently, the company gathered domestic photovoltaic cable industry renowned experts and the elite, and actively introduce advanced technology, innovative design concept, achieve important results in the development of solar photovoltaic cable product.


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