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PV Power Station
Green Energy Photovoltaic carrying human hope and future, as a professional provider of solar photovoltaic connected, Weilide the highest quality products into which maximize the power station to transport clean energy, and ultimately maximize customer value. As a number of power stations cable suppliers, Weilide involved in the construction of several power plants.

Weilide photovoltaic cables utilize advanced radiation cross linking technology, using halogen flame retardant thermoplastic elastomeric materials production, it has a high heat resistance, resistance to ozone, UV, water vapor, antimicrobial, short strong overload long life, abrasion resistance, oil, anti-corrosion, high tensile strength, etc., are widely used in solar power plants, photovoltaic systems, wind power generation.

Products are fully compliant with IEC61215, TÜV 2PEG 1169, UL4703 and other relevant standards. PV cable complies with EU RoHS "electrical and electronic equipment in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive" standard.

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