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Granville Core Team

Weilide has strong technology capability, professional establishment of a technology center. There are a number of senior technical team name, and hired a senior technology consultant, technology center team has engaged in wire and cable over thirty years experience in the design and manufacture of specialist, responsible for technology, technology, research and development, equipment, tooling and other development work.Weilide with research from raw materials to the various relevant functions set technology research, technical research, and the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment, has been equipped with the appropriate tooling, in accordance with national standards, IEC standards, the British Standard BS European TÜV standard, UL standard to produce first-class quality, technology and stable products, based on customer requirements and design, the production of cable products.

Technology Center: the forefront of innovation
It engaged in the collection and basic research information on the domestic front. It needs of the market for the new product research and development, new technology, new technology scientific and technological research, to promote the industrialization of research results.

Technology: standards
It is mainly responsible for the development, management of new product development, technology research and improvement of new tooling products business standards.

Technology group: Technology
It is responsible for new product trial, recommendations for improvement, and for the new product trial process of technical difficulties with the technical department technology research organization, to ensure that the structure of the optimal design of new products, best quality.

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