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Weilide Research Strength

Weilide care each user the most subtle use of experience, fully consider the cable in a complex environment, usage and improve its performance. Weilide adhere to product innovation and development strategies to promote the localization of technology development, and constantly improve the ability of local R & D and innovation through continuous investment in research and development and optimization of the layout. We have established a cable research laboratories, testing centers, to establish long-term cooperative relationships with many national research institutions and universities, professional mentoring to cultivate professional and technical personnel, holding Weilide products in the market's core competitive advantage.
Zhen timber standard
We use high-precision, high purity, free of impurities of raw materials, the pursuit of sustainable development of the environment, conservation and regeneration of the source. Let shame toxic substances in our products and production processes. Therefore, we have to be more environmentally friendly, safer materials to design products to reduce and eliminate these toxic substances.

Production Standards
Our production processes through professional engineer rigorous design and specification, every step of the scientific method of control and management, meticulous to every procedure, every quality controls points. Production personnel must pass a rigorous job training to produce jobs, the production process must wear uniforms, special person operating equipment.

Testing standards
Each finished product must go through rigorous testing before being screened out of the library through the most sophisticated detection equipment; it must comply with national laws, regulations and mandatory standards. Through high-power pressure testing machine, tensile testing machine, spark test machine, projector, bridge tester and other countries of advanced detection equipment, to further ensure product quality, high yield, eliminate all safety hazards.

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