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Weilide Talent Idea 

Weilide one core values ​​are "secrets of success: first by the people, by the people of the second, third, or rely on people." So Wei Leader of the development process, attaches great importance to the introduction, management and development of talent, which has a very important strategic significance for Weilide.

Personnel recruitment system
Degree, Weilide will develop a system of annual planning and staffing talent introduction plan, with wide recognition and prestige Rucker culture is willing to long-term stability and Wei Lide common development and progress of the social elite, strengthen Weilide team. Meanwhile, Weilide also with a number of colleges and universities, to jointly select professional counterparts, progressive thinking, positive young talent, for the most dynamic Granville Rucker inject fresh blood.

Talent Management System
Weilide talent to join construct a complete set of system growth, through continuous optimization and improvement of human resource management system, the implementation of scientific personnel, rationalization of management, in order to help people quickly into the Weilide culture, and constantly enhance their ability to With the help of the company's development while achieving personal values.

Talent Development Mechanism
In Weilide talent development system, according to different occupational characteristics and personal expertise, for different positions on the staff plan the perfect yet personalized career paths, encourage employees to choose the most suitable for their own career development path for enterprises make the greatest contribution to the development of the individual.
We expect more people to join, help us work together to achieve " Weilide Dream"!

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